Real Estate For Good- What Does That Mean?

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REAL ESTATE FOR GOOD- A Real Estate Mantra

As a young child I realized my purpose in this world was to reduce suffering in any way I can. While there was no one event where I had a profound realization that this was my path, I simply understood that as beings on this planet, we have an obligation to help others. Although my family struggled financially we always tried to give, whether it was hosting canned food drives or offering our home when people needed a place to stay. These experiences were the driving forces that steered my academic and professional endeavors toward meaningful community impact. In fact, both my undergraduate and master’s degrees focused on supporting the undeserved through the non-profit sector.

For many years I worked passionately in the non-profit industry. As you may know, the current business model of a non-profit often leads employees to exhaustion, and I was not pardoned from that reality. Try as I might to remain part of the industry I spent my entire life dedicated to, I ended up burning out. It showed in my health, my personal relationships, and even in the quality of work I was expected to produce.

With the support of my partner, I left the non-profit industry without a clear direction forward. I set off on an intimidating path, taking a risk unlike any other I’ve experienced before. I had been working without pause since I was 13 years old and stepping into a new life was frightening.

Slowly, I began to reconnect with what I enjoy, and started to notice the theme of real estate continuing to surface. I regularly thought how empowering and meaningful it had been for me to buy a home and how fun it was to renovate our other home and turn it into a rental property. I began noticing more of my conversations focused on the market, value added renovations, the importance of women owning property as means to wealth, and passive income that real estate can bring. I was gravitating to “For Sale” signs, looking up the property to learn the stats, and would wander into open houses to learn more. I read a ton of books about what to expect in real estate, market fluctuations, and met with some of Colorado’s top Realtors. I began allowing myself to follow a passion that I’d be stifling because I could not move past how ineffective I perceived myself to be by not working in a direct service position.

It was imperative I solved this hang-up and realize how I could continue my life’s purpose of reducing suffering, but in the role of a Realtor. It was during a licensing course on contracts when it occurred to me, why can’t I make an agreement that for every commission check I earn, a portion can go back to the community? It took that ‘ah-ha’ moment to finally wake up, get over myself, and realize that I didn’t have to work directly in a non-profit to still make a huge impact in our community. I realized that by being in the real estate industry, I would have more resources to provide me with a larger reach and more leverage to make the impact I strived to create my entire life.

With that understanding, my next career in real estate was solidified, and my slogan was born: Real Estate for Good.

How does Real Estate for Good work? For every transaction with clients who work in the service industry i.e. teachers, social workers, non-profits, police, veterans, etc. a portion of my commission is given back to them. For every transaction with clients of a different profession, a portion of my commission will be donated to a non-profit. My clients will be invited to non-profit events I’m part of and have the opportunity to become involved with not only my personal philanthropic endeavors, but those of Coldwell Banker too.

My business philosophies don’t end with Real Estate for Good. My practices are rooted in authenticity, strategic excellence, and a client-centered experience. It is important to me that every client of mine is thoroughly educated on the process of buying or selling and understands the contract agreements they are entering into whether they’re a first-time home buyer, purchasing an investment property, or if they are selling their tenth home. A client first model means they are my priority, my family, and I will ruthlessly advocate and negotiate for them.

I have found the best part about working in in real estate is that I still get to directly help people. Further, I have found myself more effective in my community work as a volunteer with several organizations; I am able to donate more than I was able to with my previous income (including time), and I’ve found my spirit again! It’s a good life and it’s a short life. Don’t wait to do what you love, and make the world glad you are alive!

Give often, give generously, and when you think you have nothing left to give, give a little more.