Why Now is Arguably the Best Time to Buy

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Why Now is Arguably the Best Time to Buy



Hi Everybody- I’m Brandi Miller with Coldwell Banker and I’ve been having A LOT of interesting conversations with clients and friends about when the buy. I’m here to make a case as to why RIGHT NOW and into the winter is an excellent time to purchase a home. Spoiler alert, when you buy right now we have a stronger negotiation position and greater control in the home purchasing process, which ultimately saves you money!   

Let’s break down the reasons why I believe now is the best time to buy: 

-Let’s face it, it’s cold out. It requires more gear and motivation to get outside and look at homes. 
-Some buyers are burned out from their Spring and summer search due to high volume of competition. Some have experienced disappointment and need to take a break. Buying and selling is an emotional process. 
-Typically, parents do not want to change schools during the school year and uproot their kiddos lives. Therefore buyers may be taking a hiatus until kids are on summer break. 
-Fewer buyers on the hunt means we might have a little more time to make our decision to purchase. Bonus!
-Homes remain on the market a little longer in the Fall and Winter. If sellers are eager to get out of their home, they may be willing to compromise on value-based items like the purchase price and costly inspection items to our benefit. 
-Your real estate partners including: lenders, title companies, inspectors, appraisers, movers, general contractors and even your Realtor tend to be the busiest in the Spring in Summer. This time of the year, they have more attention to devote to you. Take advantage of it! 
-Interest rates on your loans. Lenders are currently offering loans with interest rates between 4.5 and 4.75%.

Speaking with one of my lenders Rod Michotte, from Guaranteed Rate Affinity, the lending community is anticipating three loan hikes in 2019, placing the loan rates between 5-5.5%. It may not sounds significant, but if you look at the additional interest you are paying over the life of a 30-year loan, it can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Now with all of the being said I’m a firm believer that even if all of the factors mentioned above are in your favor, if you’re not ready to buy, then it’s not a good time to purchase. If you need more time, that is OKAY! We are fortunate in this market to have options. Even if you do need more time, give me a call to begin the process and discuss my strategy to prepare you for the optimal search when you’re ready.   

So let’s grab our winter jackets and mugs of hot chocolate and starting marching the good march to your home purchase! 

Pssssst- Don’t worry sellers, you are still able to achieve a very high sale price on your home. I’ll release a video very soon on strategies to get you top dollar during the Fall and Winter.


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